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Producers seek to prove biodiversity

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Col Paton, EcoRich Grazing, showing Havelock field day attendees some of the different grasses found on the property. Photo: Lynda Hardwick, QMDC, RomaGraziers recently attended a field day at Havelock, north of Mitchell, to hear the results of a project that is monitoring and enhancing land condition and biodiversity on commercial properties in the Maranoa.

Havelock owners and managers, Bim andSusan Struss, were part of a group of graziers keen to have their property’s health and biodiversity documented independently so they had proof they were managing sustainably.

“We have retained woody vegetation over large tracts of our property, even prior to the vegetation management laws being put in place.” Mr Struss said.

“We have great pride in our property and the biodiversity values that it retains while still trying to optimise production so that we can earn a living.

“We were keen to have our biodiversity monitored by independent parties so that we could demonstrate to our markets and the broader community that we care for the environment, the plants and animals that live here, as well as the production components of our properties.

“Currently there is no financial incentive to retain native woody vegetation, but there is potential for this in the future.”

Dan Ferguson, Queensland Herbarium, holding a shy and elusive yakka skink captured on Havelock for the field day. Photo by: Dr Michael Mathieson, Qld Herbarium

Col Paton from EcoRich Grazing helps manage the project which involves ten properties in the Maranoa.

“A group of graziers approached me some time ago to help them monitor land condition and biodiversity.

“Together with Dr Teresa Eyre, Queensland Herbarium, we were successful in obtaining funding from the federal government’s Biodiversity Fund to assist with some of the monitoring.

“This project has shown that graziers managing sustainably for good land health and grazing production outcomes are also managing for healthy biodiversity by retaining some woody vegetation in strategic locations across the properties.”

About 30 people attended the field day and heard from Dr Teresa Eyre about simple ways to manage to ensure biodiversity values of cattle properties are maintained as well as production outcomes.

They were also shown a range of pasture species, identified by Col and a variety of lizards that were caught on Havelock by Teresa and ecologists Dan Ferguson and Dr Michael Mathieson, including the shy and elusive yakka skink.

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Cropping web tool available again

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Southern region agronomists who support grain growers with timely, professional advice are in turn being supported through the 2016 cropping season.

A web-based diagnostic tool to assist agronomists in identifying and managing cropping constraints will again be available this year, following a successful first year of operation in 2015.

CropPro, designed specifically for use in the southern cropping region and available at苏州美甲美睫培训学校croppro苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛, was developed through the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded Diagnostic Agronomy Southern program with co-funding from the Victorian Government.

Agronomists Dr Chris Pittock and Sarah Noack.

Dr Chris Pittock, from theDepartment of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) in Victoria, saidthe three core functions of CropPro wereto diagnose the cause of crop problems, support risk analysis and to provide evidence-based information for management of crop constraints.

“CropPro offers wheat and canola diagnostic tools, economic calculators for the management of most constraints, explanatory videos, and in-house browse-able content and search functions,” Dr Pittock said.

“Diseases alone are estimated to cause annual losses valued at hundreds of millions of dollars in the southern cropping region, so finding timely and effectively solutions is vital for agronomists and growers.

“CropPro enables diagnoses of constraints to yield in the field and provides solid management information in the one place.

“Agronomists are at the frontline of the provision of advice and it is important they are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables rapid diagnosis of crop issues and response.”

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Brexit campaign wins: Britain votes to leave the European Union

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BrexitPoll liveTheBrexitdebate explained$50b wiped off ASX, pound crashesHave your sayBrexit will see Australian ag re-think UK’s trade value

London:Britain has voted to leave the European Union, in a shock referendum result that defied late polls and is predicted to hurt the global economy.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party and for years the face of British separatism, said he hoped this “independence day” marked the beginning of the collapse of the “failed” European project, leading to a Europe once again of sovereign nation states.

As dawn broke over Britain, it became clear that the Leave campaign had won – just – the majority backing of a deeply divided country.

The rusting industrial, white working-class heart of Britain led a surge of votes for the island to break its legal and economic ties to Europe, and reset itself as an independent nation.

Motivating the vote was mistrust of unchecked immigration from Europe, analysts said.

Free movement of labour is one of the pillars of the union. But Leave voters feared immigrants were overloading Britain’s health, education and welfare systems, pushing wages down and house prices up.

The pound took a huge hammering, hitting levels not seen since the 1980s, as the markets predicted trouble ahead for the British economy outside the EU trade zone, and ripple effects in Europe and beyond.

Economists have predicted a recession in Britain would result from the vote.

The Australian and US stock exchanges also dipped in response.

European political unionists feared the end of the “European project”, the status quo on the continent since the Second World War.

No country has ever left the EU.

But the Leave camp were jubilant, with founder Arron Banks saying democracy would return to Westminster.

The vote is already being called anearthquakein the politics, and economies, of Britain and Europe.

Prime Minister David Cameron will now be fighting for his political life, having called the referendum and campaigned for Remain.

Some predicted he wouldn’t last the day in the role.

He was expected to make a statement outside No.10 Downing Street later on Friday.

Rival Boris Johnson is expected to push to lead a government that will activate, for the first time, the European treaty articles that lead to an exit from the union.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will also be under pressure, as Labour’s northern heartland resoundingly rejected his plea to vote Remain.

Some political analysts were tipping an early election – despite recent laws that enshrined fixed parliamentary terms.

The vote saw unexpectedly high turnouts for Leave in Britain’s north, where disaffected working-class communities are suspicious of immigration and felt modern politics and economy had failed them.

The regions generally plumped for Leave, and,although London was a bastion for Remain, the turnout there might have been suppressed by torrential rain, which caused public transport chaos and saw some polling places closed or moved.

Scotland voted strongly to Remain, but turnout was much weaker than had been expected.

Scottish National Party politicians have foreshadowed the nation may push again to secede from Britain, in order to stay in Europe.

Northern Ireland also came down on the Remain side, due to fears of the effect thatBrexitwould have on the border with the Republic of Ireland.

Chancellor of the ExchequerGeorge Osborne has said he might have to bring down an emergency budget to deal with the vote’s aftermath.

Labour’s shadow chancellor JohnMacdonnellpredicted the Bank of England would have to intervene to slow the fall of the pound.

He said the market might be reassured if the government promised to bargain for the best trade deal it could get with Europe, from the outside.

The EU’s leaders in Brussels are expected to playhardballin negotiating Britain’s exit, to send a message to other states that might be contemplating a similar move.

The result was another terrible night for pollsters, almost all of whom had predicted a narrow Remain win.

They had also failed to predict last year’s general election win for the Conservatives.

Polling also caused MrFarageto concede a likely Remain victory even before a single vote had been counted. He later “unconceded”.

At 4am, before an official or media call of the result, he claimed victory.

“The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom,” he said. “This will be a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people.

“Honesty, decency, the belief in nation I think now is going to win.”

The campaign was won by “damn hard work on the ground”, he said.

“I hope this victory brings down this failed project and leads to a Europe of sovereign nation states.

“Let June 23rd go down in history as our independence day.”

Matthew Goodwin, politics professor at the University of Kent, said the referendum had exposed a sharp divide in British society. It had shown there were social groups with very different values. The Leave vote was a “very loud and very clear message” that the EU and globalisation were not benefiting them and that Westminster elites were not listening to them, he said.

SaraHobolt, professor at the London School of Economics, said the referendum had given the disaffected and disenfranchised a chance to stick it to the political class.

The Leave campaign had cleverly played the “people versus the elite” card, she said.

Some voted on the EU, some on the economy, some on immigration.

It came down to a question of whether people were more scared of uncapped immigration, or of the potentialeconomic chaos followingBrexit.

The referendum result has no legal power, but the government is expected to respect the result and begin theBrexitprocess.

More than 46 million people were registered to vote in the third nationwide referendum in British history.

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Drama students flaunt acting skills

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PERFORM: Cast members Seraphine Harley, 15, Hannah Torrents, 14, Caleb Beer, 14, Megan Sauerwald, 13, Jemmasen Beech, 13 and Stephen Talbot, 15. Picture: Will Brown

A unique world of surprise and adventure will capture audiences at the Earl Arts Centre for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobeon Saturday.

Students from Just Imagine Youth Drama school have dedicated themselves to the group’s largest production to-date, with nearly 100 members involved.

Set in an old house in rural England, four children wander into an incredible country through an old wardrobe and help the country return to summer.

Just Imagine Youth Drama director Rubi Stockman said students sacrificed a considerable amount of their own time to learn the dialogue-heavy script.

“My drama students never cease to surprise me with their imaginative ideas and their ability to create,” Ms Stockman said.

“Several senior students were even faced with the additional challenge of learning a British accent, which they did exceptionally well,” she said.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe has three shows on Saturday, June 25 –11am(soldout), 2pm and 6pm.

Tickets can be purchased on the doorat the Earl Arts Centre.

Enrolments for Just Imagine Youth Drama school are now open for term three. For more information visit苏州美甲美睫培训学校justimaginedrama苏州美甲美睫培训学校/or phone 0400 090 295.

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Beston’s cheddar tribute to help SA dairy farmers

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Beston Global Food Company’s newly released original cheddar cheese, The Tribute, was inspired by hardships experienced by dairy farmers in recent times and is hoped to generate extra milk demand to help producers.Adelaide-based Beston Global Food Company (BFC) has launched a limited edition black wax cheddar as a tribute to the South Australian dairy industry.

The 220 gram cheese block, appropriately named “The Tribute”, has been made at the company’s Beston Pure Foods factory at Murray Bridge as a way of recognising the significant contribution which dairy farmers make to the economy of South Australia.

The Tribute original cheddar cheese was inspired by the hardships experienced by dairy farmers in recent times and is aimed at helping them through this period and beyond, by increasing the demand for milk.

Some of the funds used to make vintage cheddar cheese at Murray Bridge will also be diverted to a welfare fund for SA dairy farmers.

Beston will work with the SA Dairy Association to determine the fairest and most appropriate allocation of these funds.

Each block of The Tribute cheese has been hand crafted by the company’s cheese makers and is personally autographed by the Head Cheese Maker at Beston Pure Foods, Lewis D’Angelo.

A series of 2500 special release blocks was made available online this week as part of a hamper purchase sold via the newly launched via Beston Marketplace (苏州美甲美睫培训学校bestonmarketplace苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛).

The black wax cheddar is also being sold in selected independent supermarkets and speciality stores across South Australia in the next few weeks.

The cheese is being sold under Beston’s “Edwards Crossing” label so as to pay homage, also, to the history of the Beston Pure Foods factory at Murray Bridge.

Part of the proceeds from all “Edwards Crossing” Cheese sold by BFC will be used to build a “cheese bank” whereby additional milk will be taken in from farmers and turned into cheddar cheese, which will then be aged for up to three years.

Establishing the cheese bank will increase the drawdown of milk from dairy farmers in SA and also re-establish the state’s reputation as a producer of high quality vintage cheese.

Dr Sexton said the cheese bank would provide some short term assistance to dairy farmers in need and help the SA industry get back on a sustainable long-term footing, as well as create new opportunities for it to grow and expand.

The concept of the The Tribute cheese product has been developed jointly by BFC and local cheese distributer, Say Cheese Wholesale, as an initiative to provide support for dairy farmers and their families in response to the farmgate milk price crisis.

Beston Global Food Company chairman, Dr Roger Sexton, said the black waxed cheese had been produced on a limited edition basis as a way of enabling South Australians to provide tangible support for the dairy farming community, at a time when they need it most.

“The limited edition cheddar is truly South Australian – using only local milk, local hands to craft and hand-dip every block, and local stores to sell it,” he said.

“Consumers have the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to our dairy farmers and recognise the role which these farmers play in SA and the efforts they make in continuing to supply milk in times of considerable hardship in the industry.

“The initiative represents a commitment by BFC to help put sustainable long term growth back into the dairy industry in SA.”

Cheddar was produced at Murray Bridge just weeks after Beston re-opened the factory last September, having bought the former Dairy Farmers plant from its then insolvent owners United Dairy Power nine months ago.

“It’s something extra special for us and we think it deserves to be shared with everyone,” Dr Sexton said.

“Within two months of acquiring the Murray Bridge plant and facilities, we had turned the factory back on and commenced cheddar production.

“Not only have we resurrected the plant and rebuilt cheese-making operations, but close to 40 jobs have been developed for local staff and cheesemakers.

“Our vision for the Murray Bridge factory is to move it away from its previous commodity-style, mass-production practices to producing high-quality style cheeses.

“The Edwards Crossing brand recognises the more than 50 years of history that underpins our factory, and has been adopted as a means of celebrating the re-opening of the factory and the bringing back of dairy processing in Murray Bridge, where it belongs.”

“Edwards Crossing” takes its name from George Edwards – one of the original settlers of the Murray Bridge region along the banks of the Murray River – where paddle steamers and river boats began to voyage, and industry soon recognised it as a key transport corridor

George built the ‘Edwards’ homestead overlooking the river, where many local farmers would cross with their herds as they made their way to Adelaide – hence the original name, Edwards Crossing.

In 1883, the area was officially named Mobilong, and despite everyone referring to it as Murray Bridge following completion of the first bridge over the river in 1879, the name wasn’t officially changed until 1924.

Edwards Crossing Cheese Company head cheesemaker, Lewis D’Angelo.

“Edwards Crossing Cheese Company pays homage to the pioneers of yesteryear,” said head cheesemaker, Mr D’Angelo.

Mr D’Angelo – who has been making cheese since he was 17 – has worked at the plant since 1987.

The now 54-year old has been responsible for crafting the Edwards Crossing black wax cheddar and has assisted in the hand-dipping of every limited edition block.

“The limited edition black wax cheddar is a superior-quality cheese that is creamy, smooth and full of flavour,” he said.

“Adopting a slow process when crafting the cheese, we never use adjuncts to artificially speed up the process, ensuring optimal texture in every block.

“Our philosophy is to remain true to traditional cheese-making methods and use only the best natural ingredients.

“Being closely located to grazing dairy pastures in the fine dairy regions around Murray Bridge and the South East means we use only the freshest local milk.

“We are a proud SA dairy company supporting local dairy farmers.

“Cheese-making is an absolute passion for me and I take great pride in producing what is a high-quality premium product for South Australians to enjoy.”

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