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Mosman golf doctor loses lawsuit against Australian Golf Club over expulsion

Aug 24 2018 Published by under 苏州美甲美睫培训学校

Mosman sports doctor Michael Oei, who took the Australian Golf Club to court after it expelled him for cheating. Photo: 苏州美甲美睫培训学校 Mosman sports doctor Michael Oei, who took the Australian Golf Club to court after it expelled him for cheating. Photo: 苏州美甲美睫培训学校

A Mosman sports doctor has taken one of Sydney’s most prestigious golf clubs to the NSW Supreme Court after he was expelled for cheating during club competitions.

Bing Michael Oei, who runs a golf injury clinic, claimed there would be “serious consequences” if he lost his Australian Golf Club membership, including “loss of enjoyment of club amenities” and “damage to his reputation”.

If the club did not give his membership back, he wanted compensation for his loss.

However, on Thursday, Justice John Sackar found there was  no “legitimate basis” for the courts to interfere with the club’s decision to expel Dr Oei.

In March this year, the Australian Golf Club board found Dr Oei’s cheating to be “unbecoming conduct” and expelled him after a disciplinary hearing,

This came after club members reported seeing Dr Oei handling his ball to improve his position, out of sight from his playing partners.

It was alleged that, in July last year, he picked up his golf ball and threw it underarm three metres in an attempt to improve his position.

Dr Oei denied that he had done anything in a dishonest fashion.

“But when pressed further as to what his attitude to the charges was, his response was that he may have erred in throwing the ball rather than dropping it,” Justice Sackar said.

In November, it was alleged he moved his ball one metre alongside the fairway bunker.

“The board was entitled to reject the Plaintiff’s account and find reasonably that he deliberately flouted the rules again to place himself in a more advantageous position,” Justice Sackar said.

Dr Oei also tried to argue that his actions did not fall within the definitions of “unbecoming conduct” but Justice Sackar disagreed.

“It seems to me that a deliberate flouting of the rules would reasonably be in context regarded as conduct unbecoming.”

The Australian Golf Club, ranked No.15 in the world, hosted the Australian Open last year.

Court documents stated Dr Oei paid a $20,000 membership joining fee in 2007 and most recently paid $3500 for his 2015-16 half-yearly membership subscription.

Dr Oei is a fellow of the Australian College of Physical Medicine and has been practising medicine for 41 years.

Fairfax contacted Dr Oei for comment but he did not respond before publication.

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Clover Moore’s City of Sydney boosts climate targets, plans to sponsor projects

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Clover Moore, Mayor of Sydney, on the roof of Sydney Town Hall with solar panels. Photo: Louise KennerleyThe City of Sydney is preparing to replicate a Melbourne scheme under which the council, businesses and residents would group together to sponsor renewable energy projects outside the city boundaries.

In its latest environmental action plan, to be endorsed by council on Monday night, Clover Moore’s City of Sydney outlines a number of strengthened environmental targets.

The strategy also marks a change of emphasis in the City’s approach to environmental policy, with less focus on sponsoring trigeneration schemes and more on encouraged renewable energy projects.

“You don’t give up your target because you have met a blockage here or a blockage there,” said Cr Moore, who faces a tough re-election vote in September.

“And that’s what we’re doing. We are absolutely committed to achieving those targets.”

Those targets – which include a goal of reducing greenhouse gas levels to 70 per cent of 2006 levels across the council area by 2030 – have become more ambitious.

They will now also include a target of sourcing 50 per cent of energy across the area from renewable sources by 2030, an increase from the previous goal of 30 per cent.

And they include a target of achieving “net zero” emissions by 2050 – meaning all greenhouse emissions within the city would be off-set by other programs.

To do so, the council’s Environmental Action 2016-2021, approved by a council committee last week, concentrates on encouraging the installation of solar panels through the city, particularly in apartment and business blocks, but stretches to sponsoring projects outside the inner city.

“We won’t reach the target just by doing that [solar installation], so we also need to help people understand how they can buy green power that’s beyond the city boundaries,” said Chris Derksema​, the council’s sustainability manager.

To that end, the council has been following a Melbourne scheme in which the council is coordinating residents and businesses to aggregate the purchase of renewable energy. This could in turn sponsor new projects.

“We will probably take up a very similar program,” said Mr  Derksema. “There’s no commitment to that just yet but in order to achieve our target we will have to do something,” he said.

Despite the difficulties encountered by the trigeneration program – which have exposed Cr Moore to fervent criticism from other councillors – the City has to date been successful in meeting its environmental targets.

Since 2006, economic activity has increased by 27 per cent, but the volume of carbon emissions has reduced by 19 per cent. This has been partly on the back of the the Better Buildings Partnership program with the city’s major property owners, who have collectively reduced emissions by about 45 per cent.

“That’s really demonstrating that economic activity is not linked to greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr Derksema. “You can reduce emissions and still grow as a city.”

The attractiveness of trigeneration plants, which use gas to generate heat that can create hot and cold water as well as electricity, has decreased since the council earlier said it intended to spend billions on new schemes in pockets throughout the city. The schemes have been undermined largely by changes to state and federal regulations, but also by gas price increases.

“What we do is just keep doing as best we can in the circumstances,” said Cr Moore, who is soon set to open a plant at Town Hall house, to generate power used by council offices.

Mr Derksema said: “We’ve had to adapt to what’s happening externally. We are a local government, we have influence, but we also have to be cognisant of what’s happening at state and federal levels as well. This strategy tries to adapt to that.”

The counicl has had success in encouraging water recycling, managing to reduce water use across the city by two gigalitres, despite a 52 per cent increase in the amount of irrigated space across the area.

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Prove it’s a one-off: Wilson

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THE Lady Bandits have to prove that last week’s loss was a one-off.

Win or lose, coach Jim Wilson says his much-improved team has a lot to prove after being hammered by Frankston last weekend.

The 40-point defeat was by far the worst for the season.

But rather than dwell on it, Wilson has urged his players to shake it off and concentrate on getting back on the winners list against the Canberra Capitals this Saturday.

“The girls are really keen to bounce back from last week’s result and prove that it was a one-off,” he said.

“We match up pretty well against Canberra, but they’ll come here knowing that we’ve only got the two wins and be looking to get on the board.

“It’ll be a hotly contested game.”

The loss to the Blues was the first time the Lady Bandits of old were seen since Wilson took over as coach.

A series of close losses to quality sides were the hallmark of the first half of their season.

Wilson said how the side rebounded after the heavy defeat would be a good measure of their progress.

“I think it’ll be a good test for them,” he said.

“They showed a lot of character on Tuesday at practice, they were very clean and efficient and showed a lot of focus.

“Hopefully that effort carries through to the weekend.

“We played Canberra during the pre-season, so we will be able to get some measure of how we’ve progressed through the year.”

Steph Gorman will miss the match due to her attendance at the NBA’sBasketball Without Borders camp in Melbourne.

Wilson said that while the Lady Bandits had the depth through the guard position to cover for her, the loss of Ellie Junod to a knee injury was beginning to take its toll.

“We’re disappointed not to have Steph, but we’ve got plenty of depth in the guards with Mel Kirby, Megan Quinn and Tenille Collins,” he said.

“Not having Ellie the last couple of weeks has probably hurt us more than we realised.”

While Junod’s absence continued to be felt, Wilson said Rebecca Guglielmino had improved with more minutes.

“Her practice form has been really good,” he said.

“Her ability to play with a little bit more poise will help her going forward.

“But she certainly knows how to hit the scoreboard, she’s not shy to take a shot.

“She brings a lot of enjoyment to the group as well, always happy and up and about, which is invaluable at this time of year.”

Tip-off for the match is at 6pm at the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre.

The Lady Bandits defeated Canberra 57-51 when they last met.

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Nabo: Neighbours provide warm atmosphere

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FRIENDLY: The Michaelina Drive neighbourhood hanging out and doing what they do best.WHENDonnaand Sean Bolster moved into their Michaelina Drive home four years ago they were able to fit in right away.

Ms Bolster said they had formed some special relationships since moving into the neighbourhood.

“My elderly neighbours often bring mechokos and passion fruit while I do some baking and send it over to them,” she said.

The residents of Michaelina Drive are a friendly bunch, they make sure everyone is included andhelp each other out when it is needed.

Since moving into the neighbourhood, the Bolsters have become good friends with Katie Cleal who has lived overthe road for almost 10 years.

​Ms Cleal hosts an annual Christmas party where everyone is invited from the neighbourhood.

“We had 32 people at the Christmas party last year,” she said.

“I did a letter box drop for the surrounding places to make them all welcome.

“It was lovely to be able to meet the different people in the neighbourhood and find out which house they are in.”

Ms Cleal said the community spirit in the neigbhbourhood gave theman extrasense of security.

“I’ve gone across and taken Donna’s washing off and she’s come over and shut my windows when there was a storm coming.

“Everyone just looks out for each other,” she said.

Meet the Neighbours is an occasional series celebrating the value of neighbours and strong neighbourhoods. Fairfax Media, publisher of this newspaper, is a partner with the social networking site Nabo 苏州美甲美睫培训学校nabo苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛. Tell us why your neighbour is important in your life. Email [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛.Use the subject line ‘my neighbour’.

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New towers to address black spots

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COVERAGE: Federal Member for Wright Scott Buchholz, with Logan Country Safe City Group vice chairman Ray McCabbin and Senator Joanna Lindgren near an existing mobile tower at Greenbank, announces improved mobile coverage for the region. Photo: SuppliedADVOCATES for better mobile phone coverage in Greenbank, New Beith, Flagstone and Undullah have welcomed a commitment from federal Member for Wright Scott Buchholz for two new mobile base stations locally.

Mr Buchholz on Friday announced plans for the new base stations as part of an additional $60 million commitment to extend the Commonwealth’s Mobile Black Spot Program.

Country Safe City Group vice-chairman Ray McCabbin said the commitment brought peace of mind.

“This will not only benefit local citizens but it will also improve communication capabilities for our local emergency services,” he said.

“Reliable telecommunications can be a matter of life and death, so this is extremely important for our emergency services personnel who are crucial to the well-being and safety of people in our community.

“This commitment gives us a great sense of satisfaction.”

Mr Buchholz said the stations would bring great relief for the people of Greenbank, New Beith, Flagstone and Undullah.

“We have selected the Greenbank , New Beith, Flagstone and Undullah areas because they have been overlooked by mobile network operators due to commercial factors,” he said.

David Kenny, Chairman of Logan Country Safe City Group said it was terrific when elected representatives acted on community concerns.

“These towers will be of great benefit to the community at large, but importantly to schools, businesses and emergency services,” he said.

“Iwould like to thank Scott Buchholz and his federal government colleges for once again not only listening to the concerns of the community but putting those concerns into action.”

Mr Buchholz said the Coalition is committed to improving mobile coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to experiencing natural disasters, as well as addressing unique mobile coverage problems.

Locally based QueenslandSenator Joanna Lindgren, a resident of Flagstone, welcomed the announcement.

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